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3 Things Every Lifestyle Enthusiast MUST Own

Are you obsessed with everything dealing with lifestyle? You like minimalism ,journals, and other things that improve your lifestyle. Why not try these three things that will make you look forward to using everyday.3 things every lifestyle enthusiast should own

Bullet Journal

A bullet journal has become an amazing thing I’ve discovered. It’s a creative organization system that you can use for to-do list, monthly3 things every lifestyle enthusiast should own.jpeg planning. day to day summaries, sketches, doodles, and more. Most people use a combination of all of these. I really enjoy using this system because it brings out my creative side and gets me do all kinds of cute decorations.

Decorating is the fun part! You can make it all colorful or have a color them to it. It’s yours and you can do basically anything you want with it. The point is  to get you to enjoy making your life more organize by having fun with your own creativity.

Everyday Creative Writing Book

This idea came from a vlogger on YouTube by the name of Lavendaire. She is an amazing lifestyle enthusiast and I just adore her YouTube channel. She gave me the idea to just sit every morning and write. It can be anything like my emotions, a funny story, short stories, and more. Just buy you a journal (I like to get cute composition notebooks to cute library of them) and start writing away! You can pick any time frame you want but I use 5 minutes every morning.

A Library Of Books

This can be from eBooks, physical, or audio. I have a mixture of all of these. I will say that have a collection of lifestyle books as been a great pleasure of mine. Sometimes I get lost into the world and just want to read to cheer me up and get the motivation and inspiration going.

These are 3 things I believe that every lifestyle enthusiast should own. What are some things you would that you would like to share?



2 thoughts on “3 Things Every Lifestyle Enthusiast MUST Own

  1. I began a sketchbook after a friend if mine gifted me one. As a minimalist, I was glad that it was something I really could use and liked. Graphic Design school taught me that sketching was everything. I ended up creating a sketchbook for life with lists, plans, goals, doodles, ideas and anything else that struck me. I have found it to be a useful tool. Check me out at


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