Is Your Closet Causing Chaos?

Do you have so much clothes that you can’t even get ready in time in the morning? Do you feel that you have a lot of clothes but don’t have a unique and worth wardrobe? You have so much clothes that you need to think of clever ways to store your clothes? Hmmm, I think you have the case of Random Hoarding Itis (I totally just made that up).

But besides the point, you need to stop this bad habit and in order to stop, you must get rid of all this extra clothes! If you had to move the next day or take a last minute trip, you should easily be able to pack your wardrobe. Let me tell you how you can downsize your closet and create less chaos.Is Your Closet Causing Chaos & How To Fix It

Gather up all of your clothes & shoes

The first step is to get all your clothes and your shoes and put them in a pile. Just take a moment to look at it. Yeah, you are probably realizing you do not need all of this stuff. ‘m sure your mind is possibly all over the place right now. Just think if you had to up and move and do all this work just for your wardrobe alone! uh-uh, not worth it. It’s okay, you are going to get this straight right now!

Start to separate your clothes & shoes

You are going to separate your wardrobe into three piles: keep pile, sell/give away pile, and so-so pile.

[Keep Pile]: These are the clothes that are your staples. They are easy to layer, great quality, and you often reach for this clothing item.

[Sell/Give-a-way Pile]: These are clothes that you do not reach for anymore and your eyes usually pas by them. They are still good quality and you probably haven’t even wore them or they are gently used. I would first try to sell these items. I recommend the app Poshmark to sell unique and popular clothing. If you have brands like forever21, rue21, H&M, etc. you can take them to Plato’s Closet if it’s taking awhile to sell on Poshmark. If you have no luck after that, just give them away to family,friends, or a thrift store.

[So-So Pile]: These are usually items that you have attachment to because of a memory with this item. What you will need to do is put everything in a box and store it away. If you forget about it after a month, sell it or give it away.

Put the clothes back into your closet

But don’t put them back in the normal way. Turn the hangers the other way and then you can tell by the end of a season the clothed that you didn’t wear. If it made it a whole season, most likely you will never wear it. It’s time to sell it or give it away.

How to keep your closet less stressful as possible

Each year, do an evaluation on your wardrobe. Did you really need all of those clothes? Was you able to wear all of the clothes? If you feel you was successful at creating great outfits, maybe you can challenge yourself to downsize more to create more space in your closet for other things.

See, that wasn’t so hard was it? very basic and easy tips to keep your wardrobe less chaotic as possible! With these tips, you not only eliminate chaos, but you will save money and make more space for other things in your home. What are some ways you like to downsize your closet and keep it minimal?


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